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Constitution of Women Cell
Constitution of Women Cell

Constitution of Women Cell

With a view to disseminate gender awareness amongst  students and conduct gender sensitization and capacity building programme to develop in them life-skills,  self-resprct , self-reliance and strength to fight social evils &  injustice and make them capable enough to face & overcome  vissisitudes of life, a women cell is being constituted, herwith ,as under.

  1. Dr Savitri Verma, Associate Professor,  Maths                     Member
  2. Dr Ratna Sharma, Assistant Professor, Ancient History         Member
  3. Dr Manju Singh, Assistant Professor, Commerece                Member
  4. Smt Deepti Kumar , Associate Professor, Botany                 Convener


Special Invitee / Adviser

 Dr Arun Prakash , Associate Professor,  Ancient History

Work Distribution :

Dr Savitri Verma, Associate Professor,  Maths

Preparation of  flexi boards displaying various legal protections available to women , legal provisions regarding rights of women, their gender-specific rights like : rights of inheritance,  arrest / Police custody , safety in publi palces / work place, pre-natal clinical  tests, anti-ragging provisions / telephonic contacts to lodge such complaints etc.

Dr Ratna Sharma, Assistant Professor, Ancient History

Management of education tours for girls, liasion with other college-level committees to ensure adequate representation of girls in committees like : SC/ST Committee, Grievance Redressal Cell,  Equal Opportunity Cell, Anti-Ragging Committee , Proctorial Board in consonance with the recommendations made by the J M Lyngdoh Committee and S K Raghavan Committee on curbing the menace of ragging.

Dr Manju Singh, Assistant Professor, Commerce

Management of extension lectures on gender awareness,  adolescent issues , reproductive health, nutrition, life skills, communication skills , professional / vocational skills, remedial rectures on the subject, health & hygiene issues, health camps , cultural activities, programme involving girls on issues of social concerns in liasion with Dr Ratna Sharma , press coverage and documentation.  

Smt Deepti Kumar , Associate Professor , Botany

Organizing / Conduct  of  capacity building programme, initiate periodic meeting of women cell for review / performance appraisal / monitoring the activities in pipeline , sheduling calender of activities of the year , coordination among members and ensuring the attainment of objectives of women cell in a gainful way.


                                                                                           Dr. Govind Das