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National Service Scheme
National Service Scheme


National Service Scheme

General :
New Education Policy- 1986 speaks for providing  opportunities for  the youth to Involve themselves in national and social development through educational institutions and outside them  National Service Scheme is the most effective platform to channelize youth energy in nation building. Like National Cadet  Corps, NSS is also a training ground, a workshop for character building and involving youth in social reconstruction. It is through the programmes of NSS that the student is sensitized towards his rights and duties, imbibes   a sense of social obligation , sheds off social biases, resolves to eradicate social discrimination  conducive for the growth of an egalitarian society and above all is trained as a good human being and a dedicated  citizen of the country.
Organizing special Camps for National Service Schemes is an indispensable activity with added significance for inculcating sense of nation building and social commitment in the youth. The Cadets of NSS are initiated into basic philosophy of social reconstruction and their contribution to  it. The cadets get out of the  premises of the institution  and have real life experience during their 07 days stay in camp, interact with the masses, understand their problems and are sensitized to the needs and aspirations of the people and society. Resource persons , coming from the various disciplines / walk of life provide guidance / enlightenment to the cadets.
College Unit :
S.M.P.DegreeCollege was established in 1997 by UP State Govt. as a model Govt.DegreeCollege at Allahabad U.P. as an Associate College of  University of Allahabad . After the enactment of Allahabad Central University Act, 2005  on 14th July 2005 the College became a ConstituentCollege of the University of Allahabad .
To make the student aware of the national and social service, N.S.S. programme is run by State Govt. ( as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme with State share being 3/5)  in higher educational institutions like Universities, DegreeColleges, Engineering & MedicalColleges. One unit of NSS in this college was sanctioned by the University initially but now three units are running in the college. Students of the college are performing actively through N.S.S. platform. Besides the student activities the programme officers of the college have proved themselves excellent at  University and national level. They have been awarded as best programme officers by the University. One of our programmeofficer Dr. Manju Singh represented U.P. and Uttrakhand as N.S.S. team leader in the Republic Day Parade at Delhi in the year 2010. Another remarkable achievement of N.S.S. of the S.P.M. College which is essential to mention here is that Dr. Manju Singh represented the U.P. team in Youth Festival organized by the Youth Welfare Ministry Govt. of India at Udaipur Rajasthan) in January . 2011 and has been nominated by the MHRD to lead NSS team for Youth Festival scheduled to be organized in China in September, 2011. 
Volunteers of N.S.S. have also participated in RD Parade at New Delhi and Youth festivals organized by Govt. of India and University of Allahabad. The student also actively take part in various competitions organized by the University and other institution from time to time. Another programme officer Dr. Sangsen Singh actively participated in the  National Seminar on N.S.S. organized by HamediaGirlsDegreeCollege, Allahabad.
With the moto first you i.e. "PAHLE AAP" NSS body of the college is performing several activities according to the guidelines of the Ministry and Directorate. Every year through one day camps and special camps in the nearby areas of the college, various activities are undertaken, which are summarized as follows :

  • Conservation of Nature
  • Pollution Control
  • Health Awareness
  • Water Conservation and Pond Cleaning
  • Aids Awareness
  • Agro-Economic Awareness
  • Literacy Mission
  • Detailed Report of one day and special camps. In last five years i.e. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 are enclosed. (See Annexure)

Proposed plan for next five years  
Some other activities that should be carried out by NSS in coming year are as follows :-

  • Blood group checking camp will be organized in the college by NSS and names of the student willing to denote will be registered in recognized blood bank's, Govt.Hospitals and MedicalCollege.
  •  NSS camp will be held to extend services to the    pilgrims of   MaghMela&MahaKumb Mela-2013 at Allahabad.
  • NSS students will be associated with the NGO's working for Ganga Cleaning Programme and Environmental Pollution Control.
  • Students of the college through NSS will be associated with Green Allahabad-Clean Allahabad progamme run by Nagar Nigam during international fair in Jan. 2013 i.e. Kumbha at Allahabad.
  • Workshop will be organized to train our NSS volunteers to bring them up to mark for social services and disaster management during emergency conditions.
  • Seminar will be organized to discuss and display about the various factors responsible for Global warming so that these students will be aware of such phenomenon and they do the best in their areas where they live. This collective effort will certainly be helpful in saving the environment.
  • A group of 20 voluneteer of N.S.S. will be send to work in "Natural resource development and Protection programme" run by "Utthan" NGO at Sambhunath Engineering College, Allahabad.
  • NSS Students of Science group will be send for the support of Ganga Pollution Control Programme sponsored by BARC under the supervision of Prof. K.P. Mishra V.C. Nehru Gram Bharti, University, Allahabad.
  • College will arrange talks through NSS in the surrounding remote area on health awareness and legal awareness. Certain medical practiconers and law professionals have consented to help us in commencing these programmewhen ever required.
  • To make the students aware about the Agro-Economic Management, a programme about carrier oriented technologies for skill development in the students and peoples of the remote areas will also be run by the college through NSS in collaboration with IERT, Allahabad.
  • NSS Volunteers will be actively involved in enforcing the National Literacy mission run by the Govt.

NSS- Core body-

  • Dr. A.K. Shukla, Convener/Programme Officer
  • Dr. Sangsen Singh, Programme Officer
  • Dr. Manju Singh, Programme Officer