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Internet Resource

A Network Resource Centre has been established in the college following the guidelines of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi and an Internet Committee has been constituted by Principal of the college to look after its activities. Dr Aravind Kumar, Associate Professor- Department of Botany is now working as Coordinator and Dr Savitri Verma, Associate Professor- Department of Mathematics and Dr Shiva Mittal, Assistant Professor- Department of Mathematics are the members of the Internet Committee. This Centre remain open both for students and staff during working days of the college. A person knowing basics of the computers and internet operation (known as internet operator) has been called upon on fixed stipend to assist the students who are not so familiar with the internet access. Apart from that the operator has a constant vigil over the students so that they could not dare to access or open the unwanted dirty sites. If a student is found attempting such act, he is barred from entering the internet room for ever. Coordinator and members also have a watch over the students while they are accessing the internet sites.